Documentary about gangs in SC wins award

Documentary about gangs in SC wins award (Image 1)

Terry Davis was initiated into a gang in a Columbia neighborhood. At the age of 17 he was leading one of the largest Crip gangs in South Carolina. After ten years in the gang and losing many friends and his mother, Davis decided he needed to make a change, He went to college and received a degree in mass communications. He was then accepted into film school in New York City and has been making films ever since.

In 2013, Davis and his childhood friend Marcus McCall made the documentary titled “Colors: Bangin in South Carolina.” It depicts gang life in South Carolina and offers never before seen before footage of gangs, active gang member testimonials, and interviews with law enforcement. It follows four gang leaders in South Carolina who fight for survival and ultimately redemption.

Davis and McCall said they received a lot of backlash as well as threats when the trailer came out but felt it was an important story to tell. The gang fued depicted in the movie is one that’s been around for 15 years. It has ties to Chicago, Los Angeles and New York according to, the South Carolina film company Davis and McCall worked with to make the documentary.

Davis and McCall went to New York City to showcase the documentary to the Manhattan Film Festival. It received an award for most impactful film.They are already working on more films, but say the next one will not center around gangs.

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