Marlboro Co. farm equipment burned; deputies say it’s arson

Marlboro Co. farm equipment burned; deputies say it's arson (Image 1)

The Marlboro County Sheriff’s Office along with SLED is currently investigating reports of arson. Saturday, July 5, the MCSO and local fire departments responded to Stillwell Road near McColl in reference to a fire. A witness saw the fire at the victim’s farm and called 911. The MCSO and Fire Department responded to the scene to find three pieces of farm equipment burned with a substantial loss to the victim and the farm.

“Some of our investigators responded and immediately it appeared to be an arson. This is a very important planting season and harvest season for (the farmer whose equipment was burned) and there’s a lot of different things…he uses them daily, but this time is a very important time for him and it’s gonna put him way behind financially and in a lot of respects,” said Marlboro County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Jamie Seales.

SLED arson responded after the MCSO requested assistance. Valuable evidence was found during the investigation that is now being analyzed. It was determined that it was in fact arson and that there are other fires in fields and surrounding areas that may be associated with it.

“We are looking at some other suspicious grass fires and field fires in this area and we’re gonna try to narrow down where those are at and time frames and we’re gonna use some other intelligence-gathering here to try to catch this person,” Seales said of the suspect.

The Sheriff’s Office asks anyone with information about these incidents, to please call the MCSO at 843-479-5605, 911 or the Arson Hotline at 1-800-92 ARSON. A reward for information leading to an arrest in the case is being offered by the Arson Hotline and the MCSO.

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