NBA player honors departed 8-year old friend “Princess Lacey”

NBA player honors departed 8-year old friend "Princess Lacey" (Image 1)

Former Michigan State basketball player Adreian Payne had a special friendship with 8-year-old Lacey Holsworth. The Spartans fan first met the towering basketball player two years ago when she was undergoing cancer treatments. In April Lacey died from the disease but she still remains part of Payne’s life.

When Payne, 23, was selected by the Atlanta Hawks during the NBA draft, he honored Lacey with his fashion statement. Payne’s custom blue plaid coat with a pink lining had the words “Adreian and Lacey” stitched inside. In addition to a pink boutonniere, a pink pocket square (her favorite color), shirt with pink buttons and a white-and-pink bow tie, Lacey was there in spirit.

Princess Lacey as she was known, had not only touched his heart but the heart of his fellow teammates at Michigan State.  Her parents would accompany her to games and on draft night Matt and Heather Holsworth were there with Payne at the Barclays Center.


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