New study about the health hazards of too much weight around the midsection

People with excessive belly fat are at increased risk for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD. A team of researchers in the U.S. and Germany studied more than 113,000 people between the ages of 50 and 70 who did not have COPD, cancer or heart disease. They found men and women with a large waist circumference had a 72 percent increased risk of developing COPD. People who exercise at least five times a week can significantly reduce their chances of developing the lung disease. SOURCE – Canadian Medical Association Journal/MedDay/CBS

Premature babies

Premature babies born in high volume neo-natal hospitals have a 30 percent higher chance of survival. British researchers found the figures increase to 50 percent for very premature babies, born after less than 27 weeks of pregnancy. Medical experts say the experience doctors develop at busy neonatal hospitals leads to the higher survival rates. SOURCE – British Medical Journal/MedDay/CBS

Sleep deprived

New research shows sleep deprivation can have a significant impact on metabolism. Researchers in the United Kingdom say the finding could be crucial when looking for the best time of day to test for diseases like cancer and heart disease. Doctors say the study could also help determine the best time to administer medicine and when it will be most effective. SOURCE – University of Surrey/MedDay/CBS

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