Quilts of Valor awarded to 3 World War II veterans

Quilts of Valor awarded to 3 World War II veterans (Image 1)

Its a small token of gratitude in exchange for a big deed.

Quilts of Valor is an organization that makes quilts for eligible service members and veterans. Three World War II veterans at Covenant Towers Retirement Community in Myrtle Beach received quilts.

Hazel Adams joined the navy in 1943. Arline Burns served in the Army Nurse Corp and Andy Russo was in the Air Force. Russo just celebrated is 100th birthday and his wife Jeanne Russo describes him as a very proud military man.

Adams remembers how proud she was when she was sworn in.

“The day that I put on my uniform was one of the proudest moments of my life,” said Adams. ” I will never forget the feeling that I had when I was wearing the uniform of the U.S.”

Pride was not the only reason they joined the military. The group agreed that the love of their country was above all.

They accepted their Quilts of Valor with humble attitudes.

“I don’t feel like I deserve anything,” said Burns.

The Covenant Towers is home to 49 veterans and 37 widows of veterans.

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