Remembering FMU student shot to death during block party

Remembering FMU student shot to death during block party (Image 1)

It’s been one month since a block party in Berkeley County turned tragic as someone fired into a large crowd injuring five people and killing 19-year-old Ariel Morgan.

Monday, across the nation, friends and family gathered to remember Morgan’s life. They released purple balloons around the nation in places including including Goose Creek, Michigan, Ohio, Maryland, Kentucky and Nebraska.

Friends say they are praying for peace and hoping for justice.

“Justice is just finding out who did it. I don’t ever wish death or anything on anyone. I just wish that whoever did this can’t sleep at night. They can’t eat or do anything because their mind won’t let them rest. Justice for me is just them getting what they deserve,” Melissa Staley said.

There are no arrests yet. Investigators say Ariel Morgan, who was attending FMU pursuing a biology degree, may have fallen victim to random violence in Berkeley County.

The former cheerleader at Stratford High School had Tweeted that she was worried about possible violence during the weekend.

“Some of use want our lives and just want to have a good and safe time,” she Tweeted just as the weekend was beginning, also asking some “ractchet” people to stay home.

On Saturday five people were shot while attending an annual block party on Tish Lane. It would seem that with the hundreds of people at the party, finding a witness to pick out a suspect would not be difficult; sometimes it is not that easy.


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