Teen girl sexually molested at Conway Walmart, police say

Teen girl sexually molested at Conway Walmart, police say (Image 1)

A Longs man was charged after police say that he molested a teen girl in the Conway Walmart parking lot on Church Street.

Antony Andrew Jefferson, age 22, was charged in the incident that happened Sunday, June 29 between noon and 12:35 pm, Conway Police said in a report.

The incident began when the 14-year-old girl and her boyfriend ran away from the girl’s resident when her mom discovered the two of them alone there.

The pair walked in Conway and were approached by a man in a white Ford Escape, police said.

The pair got into the SUV and the man drove them to a mini-mart and asked the boy to go in and buy him cigarettes. The boy tried to, but was rejected because of his age, police said.

The man then drove the pair to Walmart, where he requested the boy go inside and buy him a cigar. The boy did so — and was sent back into the store several times for individual cigars, police said.

While the girl was alone with the man in the SUV, police said the man asked the girl “questions that were sexual in nature,” police said.

The girl tried to get out of the SUV, but the man grabbed her and kept her from exiting. During the incident, he grabbed her breasts and molested her private parts, police said.

The boyfriend came back to the SUV and they all drove off to Dollar General, where the pair was dropped off by the man, who then fled.

The police were called and an investigation was conducted.

Jefferson was arrested on Tuesday morning and charged with criminal sexual conduct with a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

He is being held in the J. Reuben Long Detention Center on $31,000 bond.

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