Latta Town Council expunges Chief Moore’s reprimands

Latta Town Council expunges Chief Moore's reprimands (Image 1)

Latta Town Council held its first public meeting since it voted to rehire Police Chief Crystal Moore Thursday night. Councilwoman Lutherine Williams motioned to expunge Moore’s reprimands, essentially making those seven reprimands essentially disappear 

Back in April, Mayor Earl Bullard fired Moore after he issued seven reprimands, but Moore rejected the write-ups.

Moore received 7 reprimands in one day, which led to her firing in April.

Then, during Moore’s termination hearing, Mayor Bullard could not point out where those reprimands violated the Latta employee handbook.

Meanwhile, last month, Chief Moore received a letter from the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce stating she was “not responsible” for her firing and that the write ups were based on “false accusations.”

Moore says that’s more proof she was fired because she’s gay, but regardless, she says she’s glad to be back patrolling the streets of Latta.

“It’s a wrong made right,” Moore says. “And it feels wonderful to be back in town and to be serving the people and know that my tainted record due to his (Bullard’s) personal beliefs is now clean.”

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