$100 tip on $66 bill despite slow service

$100 tip on $66 bill despite slow service (Image 1)

When people receive average or poor service at a restaurant, a large tip is typically not what happens. That wasn’t the case for a husband and wife in Iowa. They decided to leave a $100 tip on a $66.65 bill. Makenzie and Steven Schultz admit service was slow. It took 20 minutes just to get their water and three times as long to get their food.

Instead of walking out though, they said they wanted to reward their server since he was waiting on 12 tables and bartending.

On the receipt they wrote, “We’ve both been in your shoes. paying it forward.”

The couple posted it on Facebook and got more than a million likes and 150,000 shares. The couple was out celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary and said they shared their story as a reminder “to think of the entire situation before you judge.” The couple has plenty of experience working in the service industry since they both own a local BBQ restaurant.

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