Myrtle Beach Police: woman used fake bills at yogurt shop

Myrtle Beach Police: woman used fake bills at yogurt shop (Image 1)

Elaine Hartshorn, 44, of Georgetown is wanted by Myrtle Beach Police on charges of forgery under $10,000. The incident happened at 201 S. Kings Highway on September 7 just after 7pm. An officer responded to Fruttis Frozen Yogurt in reference to a forgery. The clerk told police Hartshorn tried to pay with a counterfeit $20. When the clerk checked the bill with a counterfeit marking pen, she questioned the customer who then handed over other $20 bills and asked for change. The employee thought it was odd but made change anyway. It turns out all the bills had the same serial numbers, The clerk said she had a line of customers and didn’t check the bills until later and at that time called police

Police say they noticed the lack of viscosity in the paper coloring and the thickness of the paper and they didn`t have the imbedded security strip in them. In all police say the offender passed $80 in counterfeit bills to the store employee, all with the same matching serial number on them. Officers viewed surveillance footage to get a description of the offender and identified Hartshorn. If you have any information of her whereabouts you are asked to call Myrtle Beach Police.

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