Quilters bring comfort to those in need across Horry County

Quilters bring comfort to those in need across Horry County (Image 1)

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH (WBTW) – When Barbara Bogert joined a quilting club at First Baptist Church several years ago, she likely had no idea it would turn into a way to help thousands of people she’d never met.

But she knew all of those quilts had to go somewhere.

“You reach a point in your quilting life when every bed has a quilt and your children are like: ‘Oh, ma. Another quilt?'” said Bogert with a laugh. “So, you need to find something to justify your love of doing this and this ministry was perfect.”

The quilting club became the Comfort Quilters ministry (12 ladies strong during the peak snow bird months) that meets at the church once a week to sew and complete more than half a dozen quilts each week that the group then donates.

“It’s great Christian fellowship,” said Bogert. Each woman in the group has a job (unofficially) that she helps perform to assemble the quilts.  The quilts are donated to any one of more than a dozen organizations–charities, non-profits, cancer centers, etc.–that hand them out.

The Comfort Quilters have sewn and donated more than 1,000 quilts in a little more than seven years.

Bogert also said the group, while using the church’s facilities, doesn’t operate on a budget. It just receives gifts and donations and keeps on sewing.

“The Lord provides. When we have a need, the Lord provides. We’ll come in and there will be a bag of fabric on the table,” said Bogert.

One of the organizations that takes the quilts is North Strand Helping Hand.

It gives them out to the elderly around the holiday season, said executive director Frank Fahrer.

“The quilt is not a necessity, because it’ll keep people warm, (but) it’s also a gift,” said Fahrer. “It’s not just a regular gift. It’s a gift that’s handmade by some ladies who are very caring.”


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