Residents worry about property value if Wicked Stick sells

Residents worry about property value if Wicked Stick sells (Image 1)

Wicked Stick Golf Links is up for sale. The property consists of 145.75 acres and is valued at $8.1 million. The land is divided into parcels, some of which are zoned for commercial business development and some for residential.

John Draughn is the Director of Commercial Sales for Coldwell Banker Commercial Chicora Real Estate. He confirmed a homebuilder is contracted through his company to purchase more  than half of the property for the development of single family homes.

“The golf industry as everybody knows is kind of  a business that is slowly decreasing,” said Director of Operations for Wicked Stick Ryan McCarty.

McCarty said the owner of Wicked Stick agreed to sell the property once the real estate market appeared to pick up.

“The piece of land that Wicked Stick is currently sitting on is very valuable and I think the ownership knew that when they bought the course,” he said.

However, McCarty said they didn’t know how hard it was going to be to keep it running.

“It’s not as easy  as it once was,” said McCarty.

Southwood is a neighborhood located adjacent to Wicked Stick. Residents are concerned about the sale because many of the homes back up on to the golf course. Al Mansfield lives on the 7th hole. He said he wasn’t surprised to find out course’s owners were selling.

“I wasn’t overly shocked, because I knew that could definitely happen. The golf industry is pretty tough in Myrtle Beach these days,” said Mansfield.

Mansfield also said he hopes developers will take into account the residents of Southwood when planning to build.

“We will miss the golf course and the views, but hopefully the builder will take all that into consideration,” said Mansfield.

Mansfield said all they can do is wait for more information.

“The type of homes they’re going to be, where they’re going to be situated, the setbacks,” he said.

McCarty said he can’t provide any answers yet but he does want to give the residents of Southwood reassurance.

“Wicked Stick has always done what is in the best interest of the homeowners, so I don’t think it will be a problem,” said McCarty.

The Wicked Stick Golf Course will continue to operate as normal until the deal is finalized.

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