Uncertain future of Mustang Week in Horry County

Uncertain future of Mustang Week in Horry County (Image 1)

Monday, Horry County Public Safety discussed the future of Mustang Week in the county after several accidents from last year’s event went viral on social media.

“It was real scary there was a lot of cars that were totally out of control,” said Brent Schulz

Schulz is an Horry County Council Member as well as the Horry County Public Safety Board Chairman.

He says there have been issues in the past with Mustang Week, but not as severe as this previous year.

“If it wasn’t for the curb stopping the car and the axel breaking, and break the car back into the road, it could have taken ten or twelve people out”

The crash Schulz refers to happened on the north end by the Myrtle Beach Mall on Highway 17 South which is in his district.

He says with an event like this, the good has to outweigh the bad.

“A lot of people are concerned about their safety. Money is always a good thing for the area to bring it in, but it’s like a lot of these other festivals we have, they have to obey the law,” said Schulz.

Schulz says the county has to take a closer look at the event and its activities.

Rodney Melton, Mustang Week’s organizer, says this is not what he wants his event to be known for.

“We hope the town understands that we don’t condone this activity at all, “he said. “We want everyone to come out and enjoy the beach for what it is. We ask everyone to respect the residents and the citizens of the town,” Melton added.

He says there is a fear his event will not be welcomed back; so he is working alongside county officials to curtail the incidents that happened last year.

“You want to keep it going and you don’t want to let them {Mustang Week Attendees} down. There is a lot of people that really enjoy this they plan it. We have people asking about next year’s dates while they are down there so they can reserve their room for next year,” said Melton.

Schulz says the county will look into stricter permitting regulations Mustang Week must adhere to.

He says if they are not met, the event will not happen.

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