Myrtle Beach group reunites wounded warrior with comrades who saved him

Myrtle Beach group reunites wounded warrior with comrades who saved him (Image 1)

Tuesday the Special Operations Wounded Warriors organization honored one veteran by reuniting him with the men who saved his life two years ago.

On June 9 2012, Staff Sergeant Bobby Dove ran over an IED while on patrol on his dirt bike in Afghanistan.

A route he had taken thousands of times, but this time would be unlike any other.

“Everything just went white instantly like a dream,” said Dove.

Dove was alone in a desert in a foreign country waiting to die.

“I didn’t think I was going to live. There was never a point where I thought I was going to live,” he said

Dove’s leg was blown off and his right hand was gone.

A medic himself, he knew he did not have much time, but he says his team was there in minutes.

“I’m alive today because of their actions,” he said.

However, the fight for Dove was just beginning.

The physical wounds may have been healing, but other wounds go much deeper.

“I couldn’t sleep for five days. I couldn’t close my eyes; I couldn’t calm down”

Dove says the isolation was unbearable and the images of what happened were on repeat, but he was able to make it through with the help of his then girlfriend.

“She stayed with me the entire time. She slept in my bed she is the absolute reason that I was able to pull out of that shock,” said dove.

Since the accident, Dove and his girlfriend have gotten married and just had a son last month.

He has been able to thank her for saving his life every day since the accident, but he has not been able to thank his team, the ones who were there that day, until Tuesday.

Captain Eric Hansen and Staff Sergeant Steven Bryant, two of the men who saved Dove’s life who he had not seen in the two years since his rescue, were waiting behind closed doors to re-unite with their friend, who had no idea they were there.

It was an emotional meeting between Dove and his brothers from the service and a Veterans Day none of them would forget.

Dove is a member of Special Operations Wounded Warriors.

The organization, which is based out of Myrtle Beach, helps rehabilitate injured members of the armed forces through outdoor activates.

He says it is his goal to help someone the same way his family and friends were there for him.

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