District leaders say Horry County school buses prepared for cooler temperatures

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW)- The Horry County School District operates a little more than 350 buses each day. Those buses are provided by both the state and county.

County leaders told News13 every bus is inspected daily to make sure it’s working properly. In addition, buses also undergo a more detailed state inspection every six weeks to ensure they remain safe for bus drivers and students.

Horry County’s Department of Transportation Director says the county’s bus drivers are ready for any kind of weather.

“All of our bus drivers come in at least 15-minutes earlier prior to the routes to get the pre-trip inspector of vehicles. Start their buses get the buses warmed up before they start on the route and we do that every single day already,” Jim Wright said.

County transportation leaders say they don’t expect any more mechanical issues than normal with the colder weather, but if something comes up, they’re prepared.

“If one bus doesn’t start we have spare buses on the yard both county and state. What a lot of people don’t realize is the majority of our buses are maintained and maintenance wise by the state of South Carolina and not through Horry County School District,” Wright added.

The state operates 313 of Horry County’s school buses. The county maintains and operates an additional 40 for students not eligible to ride those state buses.

The state also provides 26 spare buses or vehicles and the county provides 9 more.

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