Florence High School Student Wins Trip to Germany

Florence High School Student Wins Trip to Germany (Image 1)

FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW)- A high school student in Florence will soon be on his way to Germany after wining a contest sponsored by the German Government.

Robert LaFrance is an IB student at Wilson High School aspiring to be a scientist. 

He was one of twelve students selected out of nearly three hundred applicants to take the trip entirely for free.

LaFrance will be exploring research institutions in geoscience, bionics and aerospace.

He will also be visiting Germany’s capital, Berlin, and get to spend a day in a German school. 

He is most excited about visiting the christmas market in Cologne. 

“We learned about it last year in German class, how its one of the biggest Christmas markets in Germany and I’m really looking forward to going to it and being able to see all of the sights and sound and taste,” LaFrance said. 

 He will take his ten-day trip at the end of this month.

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