New recommendations to improve early child care in SC

New recommendations to improve early child care in SC (Image 1)

Several child care advocates’ groups announced Tuesday their recommendations to improve early care and education in South Carolina. They’ll give their agenda to state lawmakers. The recommendations include improving child care and early care services and doing more inspections of child care facilities.

The recommendations come from Children’s Trust of South Carolina, the Institute for Child Success, and United Way Association of South Carolina. They announced the “2015 Early Childhood Common Agenda for South Carolina” at a luncheon in Columbia.

There are nine recommendations, including a 50 percent increase by 2020 of voluntary home visiting programs for first-time mothers. Those programs give the mothers and families the skills they need and help them access needed services.

The groups also support a state earned-income tax credit, which would help low-income working families better afford child care.

Children’s Trust CEO Sue Williams says, “We all agree all of these things are important, and we can’t do one without the other if we’re going to succeed.”

Tim Ervolina, president of the United Way Association of South Carolina, says early child care and education affects businesses in the state. “When kids start school healthy and ready to learn they cost less in tax dollars, which is always the bottom line for business folks. But there’s a very real human resource issue, and that is workers are more productive when they are not worrying about the quality of child care for their children,” he says.

You can see all the recommendations here.

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