A proposed bill could cost moped drivers in SC

South Carolina Senator, Katrina Shealy, proposed a bill that would require moped drivers to register and insure their vehicles.

Currently moped drivers are only required to have a license.

If the bill passes, it will not only affect motorists but moped businesses as well.

Anita Stanley, a moped driver herself and manager at Go Fast Scooters in Myrtle Beach, says if the bill passes rental rates will go up, but she says the cost would be worth it.

“At least if something happens, they go out here, at least it’s going to be covered,” she said.

And even though it is the off-season there are still plenty of moped drivers out on the roads; like Ray Walkiewicz

Walkiewicz says he already has insurance for his moped even though it is not required.

He says driving a moped for nearly a decade he has gotten into a few close calls.

He says as a moped driver you always have to be on the defensive and having insurance is vital

However others disagree.

“Pay a fee for monthly insurance; no,” said Leighann Rayno.

She says she has not seen many accidents with mopeds and thinks things are fine the way they are.

“A moped hitting vehicles, I don’t see a lot of the damage going on because it does not weigh a lot. It might be a slight bumper thing so I don’t think it should be a lot of insurance involved,” said Rayno.

She says if she saw more moped and car accidents she would agree with insurance; as long as the rates remained low.

If the bill passed, it would also prevent moped motorists from driving if they have a DWI or DUI.

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