Britton’s Neck Elementary School transformed into Whoville

Britton's Neck Elementary School transformed into Whoville (Image 1)

MARION (WBTW) – It’s okay if first grader C.J. Curry elected himself mayor of Britton’s Neck Elementary School’s version of Whoville.  Curry knows he has popular support.

“It’s good to be the mayor,” said Curry on Tuesday in his full costume, complete with curly wig and red bow tie. “He’s got to tell people what to do in Whoville.”

Whoville is the setting for Dr. Seuss’ timeless holiday story How The Grinch Stole Christmas!, and teachers, staff, and students spent much of this week at the tiny rural school decorating its halls–and themselves–as characters and places from the book.

“This is what happens when you charge the staff with doing something for the kids,” said Principal Monica Kimbrough, now in her third year at the school that has a little more than 300 students. “When you look around, you see how dedicated the staff is and how much they love these kids.”

Both of the main hallways inside the school were covered in construction paper as entrances to classrooms were instead made to look like places in the fictional snow-covered town. On Tuesday, all of the teachers and staff were dressed as characters in the book (and subsequent movies), along with a large majority of the students.

“We know some of our kids may not be as fortunate as others,” said Kimbrough. “We wanted to make sure this was a magical time, and when they come into this school during the holiday season, they really feel that.”

The hope is to leave the decorations up until the students leave for their holiday break next Friday evening.

“I feel like we get overly focused on accountability and things like that, and we forget it needs to be firm, and you can do both,” said Kimbrough. “You can have fun and learn at the same time.”

The students collected goods for the needy during the holidays, and incorporated the Grinch story into their assignments.

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