Shooting death at gas station rocks Red Springs community

Shooting death at gas station rocks Red Springs community (Image 1)

Not much happens here in the town of Red Springs.

“We went 13, 14 weeks without any residence or business being broken into,” mentioned the town’s Mayor John McNeill.

It would explain why many were surprised when the unthinkable happened.

Around 7:30 pm Thursday night, two men ran into Roscoe’s Convenience store and fired shots that hit the store clerk and killed James Johnson.

The 72-year-old Johnson, who would always come in to get his scratch offs, was shot in the face.

The men left the store with nothing.

“Nothing expected…it’s something that I’m hoping it was a dream,” said his daughter Yolanda Johnson.

Johnson’s murder came as a big blow, with promises left broken for his 10-year-old grandson Caleb.

“He promised that he was going to be there for me, but y’all just made him break that promise by killing him.  You (the suspect) took him from me over money y’all could’ve worked for,” explained teary-eyed Caleb Johnson.

“Murders are just very, very unusual here in Red Springs,” added McNeill.

The town went almost three years without a homicide and now they are left to question, why?

“It’s tragic that someone who possibly didn’t know him would unfortunately end his life,” Yolanda said.

The Red Springs Police Department searched for the three suspects today in a neighborhood off of College Street just behind the store.

If you have any information about this robbery please contact the Red Springs Police Department.

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