Researchers make a breakthrough concerning a common type of antibiotic that can cause hearing loss

New research shows not all obese people develop metabolic changes that can cause health problems including diabetes, heart disease and stroke. A team at Washington University in St. Louis monitored twenty obese people who were asked to gain about 15 pounds over several months. They found the participants who did not have common metabolic abnormalities including insulin resistance, high blood pressure and excess liver fat before the weight gain- did not develop the problems after gaining weight. Those who had the abnormalities before gaining weight- developed even more serious issues afterwards. SOURCE – The Journal of Clinical Investigation/MedDay/CBS


Researchers at Stanford University have developed a modified version of a commonly used class of antibiotics that does not cause common side effects in mice. 40 to 60 percent of patients who receive sometimes life-saving Aminoglycosides develop partial or complete hearing loss. Kidney damage is another common side effect. The researchers intend to test the modified antibiotic on humans soon to see if it has the same benefits as it does in mice. SOURCE – The Journal of Clinical Investigation/MedDay/CBS

New medicines

The Food and Drug Administration reports it approved the most new medicines last year since 1996. New treatments for cancer and rare diseases were some of the 41 new drugs approved in 2014. That’s 14 more than the year before. The highest number of approvals came in 1996- when the agency approved 53 new drugs. SOURCE – Reuters/MedDay/CBS

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