First responders undergo farm rescue training

First responders undergo farm rescue training (Image 1)

The South Carolina AgriBiz and Farm Expo kicks off on Wednesday and while many prepped for the event inside first responders trained for the worst outside on Tuesday.

About 50 first responders gathered outside of the Florence Civic Center for farm accident rescue training.

“It was kind of mind boggling being that it was the first time.  We’ve cut on cars before but as far as farm equipment that’s something different,” explained Captain James Cox with the City of Florence Fire Department, who participated in a scenario.

The truth is that agriculture, while a lucrative business in South Carolina, ranks among the most hazardous industries.

According to the CDC, in 2012, more than 374 farmers and farm workers died from work-related injuries.

“Three quarters of the United States is rural and you know 10 percent of work related accidents are in farming.  So there is a great need for training,” mentioned Jacob Stokes, Clemson University Extension.

“We want to see it firsthand so they can take this and look at it and say we need to make these adjustments,” he added.

Fire and rescue responders were taught safety tips for farmers involved in accidents. The training included information on tractor roll over’s, combine entanglements and along with a practice scenario.

“It’s a pretty scary situation to think that this can happen, but like I said the potential is there,” Cox said.

As for the AgriBiz and Farming Expo, it will run from Wednesday and Thursday at the Florence Civic Center.

It will start bright and early with the welcoming ceremony beginning at 8:45 am.

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