New bond hearing set for pair charged in Heather Elvis’ death

New bond hearing set for pair charged in Heather Elvis' death (Image 1)

 Just days after a detectives conducted a search near the house of an Horry County couple charged in the death of a young woman, a bond reconsideration hearing is planned for the pair.

The street where murder suspects Tammy and Sidney Moorer lived was closed for a criminal case search on Friday, officials said.  The couple is charged in the death and disappearance of Heather Elvis, age 20, of Myrtle Beach who vanished a few days before Christmas 2013 — and still has not been found.

Now, officials say that the Moorers will travel to Charleston for a hearing to focus on bond adjustments — just days from now.

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“A bond reconsideration hearing will be heard before Judge R. Markley Dennis in regards to State vs. Sidney Moorer and Tammy Moorer,” said 15th Solicitor Jimmy Richardson on Thursday afternoon.

Richardson said the hearing will take place Friday, Jan. 30 at the Charleston County Judicial Center at 100 Broad Street.  The time is yet to be determined, Richardson added.

Tammy Moorer’s defense attorney Greg McCollum told WBTW that he plans on filing the gag order removal paperwork by the end of this week. He said the issue could be integrated in to the hearing in Charleston on Jan 30.

Despite the gag order, Richardson said Tuesday that the search last week on the Moorers’ street was connected to an “ongoing investigation.” (Click to read related story)

For now, little to no information can be released about the case as it moves forward toward a May 11 trial date.

  Close to 800 people are expected to be called in the jury selection phase for Tammy Moorer, age 42, and Sidney Moorer, age 38.

Investigators found Elvis’ car on Dec. 19 2013 at Peachtree Landing in Socastee, but she was nowhere to be found.

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Authorities say before Elvis went missing, she and Sidney Moorer had been involved with each other.

In a March bond hearing, The prosecution outlined communications between the Moorers and Heather Elvis starting as early as November and up until the night Heather vanished on December 18.

The prosecution noted a relationship between Sidney Moorer and Heather Elvis blossomed in June 2013 and ended in October when it was discovered by Tammy Moorer. When Tammy Moorer learned of the relationship, she contacted Heather Elvis multiple times, sending explicit photos and messages to Heather, the prosecution said.

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The discovery of the relationship between Sidney Moorer and Heather Elvis prompted Tammy Moorer, according to prosecutors, to allegedly go to work with her husband, monitor all cell phone activity and handcuff him.

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