City of Florence to spend millions to fix-up neighborhoods

City of Florence to spend millions to fix-up neighborhoods (Image 1)

FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW)-Florence’s downtown revitalization is in full swing and, now, the city moves toward improving areas that surround downtown.

“We need a facelift because we haven’t had one I don’t think since I’ve been out here, said Dorothy Delaine.”

Dorothy Delaine has lived in her home for more than 30 years and while she thinks the neighborhood could look better, she’s more concerned with safety.

“I won’t have to watch my back when I get out of my car. That’s what I want. Because you never know whose standing around when you come home at night.”

Since she is  a long-time Florence resident, she wants improvements not just in her backyard but in her community.

“It’ll help the economy of Florence, in the neighborhood and outside the neighborhood also.”

And those are the same goals of the city.

“If an industry is looking to relocate in our city they want to see how does the city treat all of it’s residents. They look at the relative health of everyone,” said Phillip Lookadoo.

Phillip Lookadoo the director of planning, research and development says the effects of downtown and neighborhood revitalization work hand-in-hand.

“Take efforts to revitalize those neighborhoods that surround downtown because those are vitally important to the success downtown.” 

The project budget aims to fix current houses as well as add new ones and it also will improve roads by adding sidewalks and bike lanes.

“If they build up this neighborhood, make it look nice, it will make people want to move in this neighborhood.”

And in the long-run the city wants to make Florence a place where people want to be.

“Is there a market of individuals or families that would like to if it were possible to move into these neighborhoods, to move back into these neighborhoods so that is an effort that we are taking on.”

The city says this project is a lot like downtown. It will be a work in progress for several years.

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