Dilapidated roads cost South Carolina Drivers $3 billion

One national research group says South Carolina dilapidated roads cost state drivers $3 billion annually.

The national research group Trip says these roads can lead to more gas usage, vehicle wear and tear, traffic, and even accidents.

Trip estimates on average drivers could pay around $1,000 due to road conditions.

In Horry County, auto repair shops say potholes can make that number go up even higher.

“The tire is damaged, the rims damaged and that’s another $300 bucks people don’t’ plan for,” said Chance Hall.

Hall is the owner of Hall’s Auto Repair.

He says flat tires caused by county roads are not a rare event.

“We see this every single day,” said Hall.

Hall says he has also pulled an array of shrapnel from tires over the years and was able to show News 13 examples on Highway 17 right in front of his store.

“Usually that type of shrapnel is picked up in intersections; right here is a nail, and a screw,” said Hall.

Myrtle Beach City Officials say they receive no federal dollars to maintain city roads.

They say $200k is budgeted annually which can repave 15-20 roads.

Horry County Officials say the only money that comes from the federal government goes towards big road construction like the backgate over pass.

They say the money the county uses to maintain roads comes from county taxes, but roads will cost more in the future.

Something they will discuss at budget talks in the spring.

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