Good Question- Seatbelts in School Buses

Ian Eckert emailed News 13 and asked “why do school buses not have seat belts?”

We contacted Jim Wright, a transportation supervisor for Horry County Schools. He says all South Carolina school buses use compartmentalization instead of seat belts. Compartmentalization means the seats are made to protect the riders so they don’t necessarily need seatbelts. The seats have high, cushioned backs, and are spaced so that there’s not much leg room, so the riders are tucked in a smaller space.

Wright also says seat belts can be dangerous in a bus environment. He said, if there’s a fire, the seat belts may prevent a quick evacuation. Also, younger kids may hurt themselves with the seat belt buckles.

Back in 2009, eight states proposed bills that would require seat belts on buses, but none of them passed.

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