Mullins City Council looks to revisit zoning ordinance

Mullins City Council looks to revisit zoning ordinance (Image 1)

City Councilman George Hardwick says he didn’t know about the Paws to the Rescue animal shelter moving into City Limits until an emergency meeting city council held last week. He says he has concerns about the location of the shelter.

“It’s in a neighborhood where you wouldn’t want a lot of animals barking and all that type of thing,” Hardwick says. “It’s not a good place to have that type of thing.” 

An ordinance rezoned the property where PTTR now sits in 2011 for an animal hospital. The ordinance also allows domestic animal shelters, something Council says they should have considered more at the time. 

“When you write an ordinance, you must be specific about what yoyou’reaying,” says Councilmember Terry Davis. 

Some councilmembers say the shelter may not be compatible in the location it chose to setup shop. So Council says they may revisit that ordinance to make sure to control the types of businesses or nonprofits that choose to come into city limits.

The next council meeting is Feb. 10. 

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