Plans to develop Robbers Roost concern surrounding neighborhoods

Plans to develop Robbers Roost concern surrounding neighborhoods (Image 1)

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC-    North Myrtle Beach Planning Commission met Tuesday to discuss development plans for the old Robbers Roost Golf Course.

Director of Planning and Development for North Myrtle Beach James Wood said pieces of the green were sold, just before the recession. Now that the economy is improving, Wood said land owners want to develop.

The Planning Commission reviewed three separate proposals on Tuesday. The first, will extend Coastal North Town Center into the current Village Shops. Wood said the first phase of the project will include two buildings with retail space for a dental clinic, a mattress store and two restaurants. The second proposal will rezone a corner of the property on Highway 17 to build a bank. The third and largest proposal will construct a residential area with 155 single-family homes.

The increasing development has raised some concerns in neighboring communities over lighting, noise and drainage.

“Whenever you’re talking about redeveloping around those neighborhoods, you have to be very sensitive to their quality of life concerns,” said Wood.

Bill Minscher attended the meeting on behalf of his neighborhood, Shadow Moss.

“The peace and tranquility that we knew in that community is gone,” said Minscher.

According to Minscher, Coastal North Town Center is practically in their backyards and the new development is only going to make it worse.

“Shadow Moss has now become an island,” he said.

When looking at a map of the area, Minscher’s neighborhood is surrounded by development on all sides. Currently, residents have to enter through the shopping center to get to their home.

Several Shadow Moss residents told News 13 they understand the need for development, they’re just asking for a little bit of privacy. Members of the Planning Commission asked developers to submit plans to alleviate their concerns.

“I don’t think it’s asking too much,” said Minscher.

Once the proposals are approved by the Planning Commission, they will be voted on by City Council.

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