The impact pediatricians can have on young people who smoke

Pediatricians can play an important role when it comes to young people and smoking. That’s according to researchers in New England. They found early intervention can help kids quit or avoid the habit altogether. Nearly four million young Americans smoke with about 80-percent of them continuing into adulthood. SOURCE — Mayo Clinic/MedDay/CBS

Cancer drugs
Some top oncologists in the U.S. say it’s time to do something about the high cost of cancer durgs. In recent years, prices for cancer treatments have jumped from about 10,000 to 100,000 a year. An article in a Mayo Clinic Journal recommends lifting restrictions on imported drugs and having Medicare negotiate drug prices. SOURCE — Pediatrics/MedDay/CBS

High blood pressure
A new study on people with high blood pressure suggests folic acid supplements can significantly reduce the risk of first stroke. Researchers in China tracked more than 20,000 adults with hypertension who took folic acid together with hypertension medication. SOURCE — JAMA Network Journals/MedDay/CBS

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