League of Women Voters to ‘Stand-up 4 Transportation’ on Thursday

League of Women Voters to 'Stand-up 4 Transportation' on Thursday (Image 1)

Thursday is “Stand-up 4 Transportation Day,” when people across the country and even here locally plan to rally.

Organizers goal is to urge lawmakers to boost investment as the current federal transportation bill is set to expire next month.

“To have transportation like this…makes a huge different in some people’s lives,” said Dyan Cohen, organizer, stand up 4 transportation.

“It’s the difference between getting to school and not. A transportation bill is needed desperately,” she added.

The League of Women Voters along with the support of the Pee Dee Regional Transit Authority, plan to hold a press conference at Florence-Darlington Technical College. 

“So it’s to highlight that need for a new transportation bill at the federal level,” mentioned Cohen.

The country has been without a long-term transportation bill since 2012 when President Obama signed a two year transportation bill.

According to American Public Transportation Association, almost $11 billion went to federal transit programs in 2014.

PDRTA Executive Director Chuck MacNeil says that federal money is a significant part of their funding….

However, in recent years they’ve seen cuts in both service and funding.

“This Pee Dee Regional Transit Authority is just struggling to maintain…since they don’t have a funding bill they are extending the old one,” Cohen explained.

“If they have a new bill, all these public transit systems will know what they have to work with,” she added.

Federal transportation is only funded through May 31st.

Thursday’s press conference will be held on the campus Florence-Darlington tech at 2:00 p.m.

There will also be ride alongs in both Darlington and Florence.

If you would like more information about the ride alongs click on the links below:

Ride along commuter route


Ride along route two


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