Teen charged, more sought after mob rampage in SC town

Teen charged, more sought after mob rampage in SC town (Image 1)

As a result of an investigation into a rampage that included several assaults, a purse snatching and an armed robbery over the weekend, one teen was taken into custody Monday afternoon on Chapel Street in reference to two of the assaults.

Jordan Hall, 17, of Chapel Street, is charged with two counts of Assault and Battery by Mob 2nd Degree. Hall was being held in the Al Cannon Detention Center.

At least 15 teens were involved in the wild scene that took place late Saturday and early Sunday morning in Downtown Charleston, officials have said.

The first assault he is charged with occurred Saturday night near Morris Street and Coming Street. Several individuals struck the victim in his face and head area with their fists. He was treated at the scene for injuries.

A woman had her purse snatched while she was near Rutledge and Cannon on Saturday night.

Kathleen Russell was harassed just before the purse-snatching and says “it was like swarms of bees I guess all where it just kind of comes in and they’re all yelling and screaming and then I’ve never seen so many police men coming down the street and the kids would disperse real quickly.”

Kathleen lives downtown Charleston and has had to tell late nighters to quiet down before.

She says “the college kids would say ‘ooh I’m sorry miss’ and be quiet and in this case, there was quite a different response”

The second assault occurred Sunday morning near Vanderhorst Street and Coming Street. The victim was also kicked and punched by a group of individuals. He was also treated at the scene for injuries.

The events prompted a “campus alert” for MUSC which was sent out at 2:11 A.M. and said:

“Please be advised there has been a report of 15 black males assaulting and robbing suspects walking near MUSC campus area, The last incident occurred at Rutledge and Cannon about 30 minutes ago.”

Investigators are trying to identify additional suspects in the events that occurred Saturday night and Sunday morning on the peninsula after a large crowd left a private event at the YWCA on Coming Street.

Anyone with information regarding these incidents can call Investigators Adam Deming or Investigator Justin Kursh at 720-3913 or 720-3914.

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