VIDEO: Big old gator shocks folks in Grand Strand neighborhood

Some residents of the Wild Wing development near Conway were surprised to find a large alligator in their front yard on Monday afternoon.

The at least 9-foot gator was spotted soaking up some sun near a flower bed in the front yard of Keith and Bonnie VanGundy.

The Wild Wing Plantation resident — surrounded by friends — started taking video of the big guy in her front yard — and zoomed in pretty close with her cell phone.

Everyone seemed to be laughing it up as the alligator seemed almost asleep.That is, until the big gator very slowly turned, got on his feet and started walking towards the group!

Just as the gator took a couple of steps towards the VanGundy’s, the video suddenly went wild…

Someone is heard yelling “All right, let’s go!!!” Then the video ends — no one was hurt.

This seems to be among the bravest alligators so far this season.

On April 9, a very large alligator was found dead along SC 707. It’s unclear what killed the gator.

Back in March, a 12-foot gator blocked traffic on a road in Brunswick County.

The period between early March and July is when most “problems” happen with alligators, SC DNR says.

If a community has a problem with a particular alligator, he can issue a permit to have it removed. But if the permit is issued and DNR comes to remove it, it will be killed.

Also, although attacks on people are rare, they do occur, and more than 20 fatal attacks by large alligators have been documented.

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