Your handshake may say something important about your health

Long term depression may double the risk of stroke in middle age. A study in the Journal of the American Heart Association followed 16,000 patients over the age of 50. It found that even after symptoms of depression improve, the risk of stroke remains elevated. SOURCE – Journal of the American Heart Assoc./MedDay/CBS

Dementia and marijuana

A new study throws doubt on the use of medical marijuana for treating dementia. Research in the journal Neurology analyzed a group of patients given marijuana pills for three weeks. Their findings showed no significant difference in dementia symptoms, including aggression, pacing, and wandering. SOURCE – Neurology/MedDay/CBS


Doctors can learn a lot from the firmness of your handshake. A study in The Lancet says the strength of a patient’s grip can be a better health marker than blood pressure. Researchers followed 140-thousand adults over four years. They found a weaker grip may signal illness, such as heart failure or stroke. SOURCE – The Lancet/MedDay/CBS

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