“SALT” program helps people in SC tackle student loans and more

By Diane Lee (WSPA)

If you’re having financial trouble, a new program is offering help to people in SC. It includes guidance from experts on how to restructure your debt payments. And you may be surprised to hear, there is no income requirement to qualify.

It’s called the SALT program, and you can sign up at www.SaltMoney.org.

It’s run by the non-profit American Student Assistance which has teamed up with SC Legal Services.

The site gives you access to a host of resources, including live-chats with experts who can walk you through figuring out which repayment plan is best for you.

“The main thing is, it could save you money. As you’re navigating the whole student loan nightmare and you’re trying to get a repayment plan that could suit you and that’s as low as possible that’s going to get you where you need to be, this website is going to help you,” said Attorney Susan Ingles a lawyer with SC Legal Services.

She says a lot of people don’t know all the repayment options from “income based to pay-as-you-earn to loan forgiveness,” to name a few.

And she warns, servicers who collect on loans don’t always inform you of what’s available.

We checked the law and when it comes to student loan debt, it really favors the servicers who are collecting, because in bankruptcy court, you can rarely get that particular type of debt discharged.

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