Ripley’s Opens New Jellyfish Exhibit

Ripley's Opens New Jellyfish Exhibit (Image 1)

Press Release from Ripley’s Aquarium

Myrtle Beach, SC (June 9, 2015)- Planet Jellies, an All-New 5000 ft2 expansion, the largest addition to Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach is – NOW OPEN to the general public.  Guests to the Aquarium will be transported to a whole new world – the fascinating world of jellyfish.  The new exhibit area also features a soft-playground geared towards small children as well as a new concession area.  This stunning gallery is sure to immerse guests into the ethereal and elegant world of thousands of new jellyfish.

            Jellyfish are carnivores with no brain, no blood and have drifted the currents of all the earth’s oceans for hundreds of thousands of years.  Jellyfish can also be found in some freshwater bodies of water and occur right here in South Carolina.  Some Jellyfish have a powerful sting and inject toxins into their prey through very small stinging cells in their tentacles.  Other Jellyfish do not sting at all and farm their food in their own body.  Their only predators are Sea Turtles. “What makes our new expansion so unique,” says Craig Atkins, General Manager of Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach, “is that guests will not only discover and learn about these amazing creatures, but they’ll also have the chance to actually touch one at the exhibit’s new Jelly Touch pool – we think that’s going to be exciting for all ages.”    

With more than 10 new interactive displays and tanks, this transfixing gallery is truly mesmerizing with its backlit and color-changing exhibits.  Visitors to the Aquarium will be treated to one of the largest exhibitions of jellyfish in the world while seeing the lifecycle of jellyfish and learning about conservation efforts.  The largest tank brought in for Planet Jellies weighed more than 8 tons, is more than 20 feet long and construction had to be completed after it was moved into its final resting place in the new gallery.  It took several nights, multiple forklifts and required staff to remove the glass panels from the Aquarium’s main entrance just to get it into the building.

During their visit, guests are encouraged to check out the new summer lineup of Mermaid and Dive Shows, Animal Feeding Times, or dare to pet a Stingray, Shark or Horseshoe Crab.  Guests can also schedule a time to Swim with the Stingrays or enjoy a Behind-the-Scenes Tour.  There is so much to do and see throughout Ripley’s Aquarium.  Planet Jellies, is included in the price of admission to Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach, which is open 365 days a year.  Welcome to our world – Planet Jellies!

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