Hundreds gather in Marion County to welcome home Sen. Pinckney

MARION COUNTY, SC – Nearly three hundred people gathered together in Marion County Friday afternoon to welcome home Senator Clementa Pinckney.
As they lined the streets and waved the American flag, many say it was an opportunity to thank Pinckney for his sacrifice. Ohers say being at the ceremony means even more.
Dr. Walter James attended the ceremony, and he says it was an opportunity for all people to come together as one.
“Hopefully, we can understand that we are one people without any respect or since of race, color or creed,” said James.
For friends of the family like Nina Sparks, the ceremony was a way to reflect on Pinckney’s life and to pay her respects to the family.
“If you haven’t ever experienced death, when death comes, you need somebody that’s going to be there, just to have support,” said Sparks.
While Sparks says the day is about giving support, others say they found support through Pinckney’s family.
Linda Weaver says she traveled from Lake City to both Charleston and Marion Friday because she found the Pinckney family to be inspiring.
“The family showed so much courage, you know, when they said that they forgive the man who did this. It just inspires me also,” said Weaver.
Weaver says she lost her son to gun violence in 2010, and she hopes though the family she will be able to find that same forgiveness in the death of her son.
“It brings back so many memories. People don’t often understand what it means to lose a loved one, but when you lose someone in a natural way it hurts, but just to have somebody murder your child, to take your child away from you, it just hurts,” said Weaver.
Regardless of the reason to show their support in the ceremony, everyone agreed that it was a day of celebrating the life of Senator Pinckney.

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