Lumberton’s Amazing Race

The best part of Lumberton’s Amazing Race is getting to know the town and some of its residents. With that in mind, as you and your team complete the course and the inherent challenges, you’ll take in historic and civic sites, converse with locals and challenge yourself physically (always with a smile on your face!).  Without being too revealing, you’ll traverse the town between seven stations and cover around 3 miles during the Race. People of all ages and abilities are encouraged to participate, however no animals other than service animals will be allowed on the course.

Lumberton’s Amazing Race is a fun and free event sponsored by the Robeson Road Runners and the Robeson County Young Professionals.  Registration will begin at 12:30 PM on Sunday, June 28th, 2015, at the parking lot on West 3rd. Street across from Candy Sue’s.  The Race begins promptly at 1:00 PM.  Participation in Lumberton’s Amazing Race is FREE, but you will be required to sign a waiver, so arrive early enough to do so

We are planning for 14 teams of two people.  If more people show up, we’ll still have 14 teams, and there will be more than 2 people in each team.

During the event, each team will visit 7 stations located throughout downtown Lumberton.  At each station each team must complete a given challenge before they will be given their clue to get to their next station.  The total distance covered during the event will be around 3 miles.  The course must be traversed on foot without the aid of any wheeled or motorized modes of transportation.  Exception-  Participants with disabilities will be allowed to use their wheelchair or scooter.  Each team must carry with them at least one cell phone with camera and posting capabilities.  All members of every team must obey the laws of the land as well as the rules of the road.  We estimate that it will take each team between an hour to an hour-and-a-half to complete the course.

There will be a grand prize for the team that completes the course first, as well as other “door” prizes.  So get yourself and your friends together, and come to downtown Lumberton for a Sunday afternoon of fun and comraderie.

Questions?  910/738-8179 or

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