Darlington Raceway to get safety improvements

DARLINGTON – The parent company of Darlington Raceway is making changes at its tracks designed to improve safety.

International Speedway Corporation, which owns 13 tracks including Darlington Raceway, announced Saturday it will add additional soft walls at each track by the end of 2016. The walls, called SAFER Barriers, are a type of energy-absorbing technology designed to make walls safer in the event of a crash.

ISC made the announcement Saturday as drivers prepared to run at Daytona International Speedway. It’s a response to research done following a crash that happened at the track in Febuary. During the Xfinity race, Kyle Busch crashed into an unprotected wall and suffered broken bones that kept him out of 11 races.

ISC will add a total of 54,000 feet of SAFER barriers at its tracks. The organization already has added 4,100 feet at Daytona.

Darlington Raceway officials confirmed Saturday that additional barriers will be added at the Track Too Tough to Tame during this process.

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