What is the most popular July 4th food and drink?

Independence Day is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year. Millions of Americans will be enjoying the 4th of July and all it has to offer.

TripAdvisor conducted a survey to determine people’s plans for the patriotic day from food and beverage indulgences to holiday activities to travel. The results show the majority of Americans will be eating a burger, drinking a beer and watching fireworks.

According to results from more than 2,400 respondents, 20% will enjoy eating hamburgers; 23% will be drinking beer; 43% plan to attend fireworks or party/cookout; and 32% of those traveling will visit a city.

Favorite Independence Day Food Indulgences
1. Hamburgers (20%)
2. Seasonal Produce: e.g. tomatoes, peaches, strawberries, watermelon (15%)
3. Hot Dogs (11%)

Favorite July 4th Beverage Indulgences
1. Beer (23%)
2. Lemonade (9%)
3. Margarita (8%)

Top Ways to Celebrate July 4th Holiday
1. Attend a Party or Cookout (43% tie)
2. Watch Fireworks (43% tie)
3. Relax at Home (37%)

Top Areas Travelers Plan to Visit
1. City Escape (32%)
2. Beach/Ocean (31%)
3. Countryside Getaway (17%)

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