Public Schools of Robeson County suspends driver’s ed amid funding uncertainty

LUMBERTON, NC – North Carolina school systems remain in limbo over a disagreement between the State House and State Senate regarding driver’s ed classes.

The House wants to keep state funding while the Senate wants to take it away and move the money to community colleges.

However for the Public Schools of Robeson County there are no new courses offered this summer, but depending on what lawmakers decide it could remain parked.

“We are kind of in a hurry up and wait mode as well,” mentioned Finance Officer Erica Setzer.

At least one third of North Carolina school systems have suspended its driver’s ed programs this summer, due to the fact guaranteed state funding ran out in June.

“We have to offer it with no money and to find that out at this point and only charge $65 per child, we wouldn’t be able to sustain the program,” Setzer said

According Setzer, the district has made no permanent decision on its driver’s ed programs.

It potentially would lose nearly $400,000 in driver’s ed funding and have to charge in the ballpark of $300 per child to take the course.

“Parents are concerned… they are worried about eating every month they can’t afford to pay that for their child to drive,” she explained.

Best case scenario is that it’s funded at 100 percent or that it’s given as an option,” Setzer added.

The Public Schools of Robeson County will have a curriculum meeting on Thursday and discuss the driver’s ed programs.

The General Assembly approved a temporary budget that will last until August 14th.  However the budget includes no money for driver’s ed programs.

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