Artist paints portrait of Union soldier as confederate flag comes down

COLUMBIA, SC – For many the removal of the confederate at the State House grounds is snapshot in history.

No matter if you are for or against it.

“I have confederate ancestry like a lot of white…and I know what my heritage is and to me it represents racism and white supremacy,” mentioned Tom Clements, supporters of the flag removal.

It will forever be on the canvas of history while on Friday history sat on the canvas of Bernard Jackson’s artwork.

“That’s why I did it to start conversation and dialogue…they would say was there a black soldier in the confederate army,” said Jackson as he gazed at his painting.

He fought for something and stood for something,” he added.

It is a conversation piece nonetheless as many took pictures, of this nameless union soldier with the confederate flag as his back drop.

“No one is talking about this guy.  We are talking about the confederate but what about that guy.  He was probably never free after the war,” Jackson explained.

Jackson is a scenic artist who came back home to Columbia from New York to open a gallery.

“I heard about what’s happening and i said let me come up his and raise a little cane.” said Jackson as he laughed.

He set up shop across the street from the state house grounds and as the flag was lowered and cheers erupted, Jackson could finally sign his painting.

“Wow South Carolina finally grew up we finally joined the rest of the world.  Wow this is wonderful, this is beautiful.  Wow!  I can sign this piece now.  I’m done stick a fork in it I’m done. Wow,” he said as he signed the painting.

Jackson says he hopes to donate the painting to a local school.

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