DHEC warns eating too much Grand Strand fish could be dangerous

If you’re catching fish this summer and taking them home for dinner, the Department of Health and Environmental Control wants to make sure you stay safe.

Friday, a few fishermen were along the Intracoastal Waterway getting some last minute casts in before sunset.

Each had their own techniques for bringing in fish.

“An old wives tail is that if you talk to them they’ll jump on the hook,” said Wendell Jeffords.

Jeffords fishes along the waterway a few times a month.

And he is not just fishing for sport.

“Take them home and eat them bad boys. Come on now it’s survival time,” said Jeffords.

Jeffords caught a mudfish which is one of four fish DHEC warns about eating from the Intracoastal waters in Horry County.

In fact, they suggest only eating mudfish once every month; a stricter suggestion than other fish on the list.

DHEC says high levels of mercury in fish can cause heart disease in adults.

Wendell says he will take his chances.

“If the good Lord’s gonna come and get you; he’ll come get you whether you’re sick or not sick. So what’s the difference,” he said.

Other fishermen share his opinion.

“I’ve been eating fish all my life and I’m 48. They’re could be issues and they’re couldn’t be, I’m still living so i don’t know,’ said Terry Edgerton who was also fishing along the Intracoastal Waterway.

DHEC says children, and pregnant, or nursing women are most at risk for any health issues.

The risks extend past fishing in the waters to store bought fish as well.

DHEC says the best bet is to just eat these fish in moderation.

For a full list of DHEC’s fishing advisory click here.

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