Deputies looking for man who swiped confederate flag, video goes viral

MANATEE COUNTY,FL – A video of a man swiping a confederate flag from a local house has gone viral. Now the victim has come forward and deputies are looking for the criminal. The video was shot on Saturday and it shows the unidentified thief running toward Robin Eaker’s Bradenton home, jumping up and taking the confederate flag.

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The thief then bolted for the car and the pair took off. Robin Eaker noticed the missing flag on Sunday, but didn’t report it until a neighbor told him about the Facebook video. Eaker said, “When I seen it I was like, ok, you guys are pretty ballsy to put this on the internet.” Eaker wasn’t trying to make a statement with his rebel flag. He said his South Carolina flag was tattered, so he put up his old confederate flag as a replacement. Now it’s gone and the whole world has seen the culprit.

Eaker said, “It’s not really about what was taken, or who took it. It’s about criminals that want to put it on the internet and get hits.” The Manatee County Sheriff’s office says the criminal would be charged with petit theft, and they’re confident he will be found. Dave Bristow with the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office said “The person who did it didn’t seem to care one iota that it was going to be out there.” Bristow added, “It certainly gives us a little of an advantage in he investigation when you’ve got it right there on video.”

Eaker doesn’t care much about the flag, he just wants justice. When 8 On Your Side asked Eaker if he wants his flag back, he responded: “No cuz somebody else will take it.” Bristow said, “This one has a very good chance of being solved.” Deputies spent the day investigating and reaching out to the person who first uploaded it to Facebook.

As of now though there are no known suspects, so if you have any information call the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

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