Excessive use of your smart phone may signal a mental health issue

CBS News – A new study from Northwestern University finds the more time you spend on your smart phone, the more likely you are to be depressed. Researchers say the average daily phone usage for depressed people is 68 minutes, while only 17 minutes for non-depressed individuals. SOURCE – Northwestern University/MedDay/CBS

Alzheimer’s disease
New research shows Alzheimer’s disease causes different changes in the brain in African-Americans than in white Americans of European descent. Scientists at Rush University in Chicago say the finding is significant because it may lead to different types of Alzheimer’s treatment for African-Americans. SOURCE – Rush University Medical Center/MedDay/CBS

Psychiatric disorders
Children with psychiatric disorders are more likely to have health, financial and social problems as adults even if their mental health improves as they get older. Thats according to new research at Duke University. Researchers found people with childhood psychiatric issues had a six times greater chance of having at least one problem as an adult. SOURCE – Duke University Medical Center/MedDay/CBS

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