Concerned citizens of Lake City holds cookout for youth

LAKE CITY, S.C. (WBTW) – The purpose of the “Bridging the Gap” group is to mentor youth in the community who appear to have lost their focus.

The founder of the organization says making a difference in his hometown is important.

“I want to do something positive, you know to open their minds out to know that there is more than just hanging out in the streets, going to clubs, robbing and killing, because it’s a lot of it going on right here so I’m just praying that I be that voice in the community where someone can hear, if we can only just change one person,” Bridging the Gap founder, Stacey Morris explained

.The group’s next event will be an appreciation banquet for students who receive high test scores and are most improved.

The banquet is scheduled some time next month.

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