Marion’s unemployment rate improves, business owners say they can tell

MARION, SC – Unemployment in South Carolina dipped slightly last month. The jobless rate for June was 6.6%, down from 6.8% in May. One county to see a big drop in the unemployment rate is Marion County.

Marion’s current jobless rate is 10.4%, down from a high of 21.3% in December of 2009.

With those new findings, business owners around Marion say they can feel that improvement.

Amber Jordan opened Simply Southern, a boutique on Main Street in Marion, almost two years ago.

She says with the city’s unemployment rate and the economy, she knew it was a gamble.

“I was just jumping out there. I had no idea, and then you see other small businesses who have opened at the same time, small restaurants and things you just think well this is a small town, they can’t have this many things opening or new,” said Jordan.

It’s a chance she’s glad she took as Marion climbs the charts on employment rates and improves the overall economy.

“Business is shockingly good! I’ve been so blessed that we’ve got support and people who come here regularly and people who have never been here before. To me, I didn’t think it would work, and it’s just two years and here we are still,” said Jordan.

Jordan says it’s the people in the community and wanting to be close to her family that drew her to start her business in Marion.

Mayor Bobby Davis says he’s made it his mission his time in office to help the people of Marion to find jobs and improve the economy, but he says it’s not something he can do alone.

“The people in Marion have a lot to do with it as well because we believe in diversity, we believe in being friendly, we believe in welcoming everyone. I think when you do those things, people want to live here,” said Mayor Davis.

Mayor Davis says while he’s excited to see the improvement in the unemployment rate, Marion can’t stop there.

He says he’s making plans this week with a business owner to bring even more jobs to the county.

Mayor Davis says he hopes to see the unemployment rate continue to improve as Marion works to make some big announcements regarding jobs in the next few months.

Count on News 13 to keep you updated with those new job announcements.

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