Possible progress in the fight against malaria

CBS News – Doctors in Britain have developed a new drug that’s curing malaria infections in mice. Malaria is a mosquito born disease caused by a parasite. More than half-a-million people worldwide die from Malaria every year, mostly children. SOURCE – Journal of Experimental Medicine/MedDay/CBS

Sudden cardiac arrest
Los Angeles researchers examined hundreds of medical records and found African-Americans face twice the rate of sudden cardiac arrest.
It’s unclear if genetics, environment, or higher rates of hypertension and diabetes play a role. SOURCE – Circulation/MedDay/CBS

Antibiotic overuse
A new study points the finger at the medical community for antibiotic overuse. Utah researchers found 10-percent of doctors wrote antibiotic prescriptions for nearly every patient who came in with a cold or other respiratory infection. SOURCE – Annals of Internal Medicine/MedDay/CBS


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