Can you remember things more clearly after a night’s sleep?

CBS News- Doctors in Britain say sleep not only keeps you from forgetting things, but can make memories easier to access. Researchers say sleep-study participants almost doubled their chances of recalling memories they had previously forgotten. SOURCE – Cortex/MedDay/CBS

New mother advice
A study from Yale University and Boston Medical Center suggests many doctors are not giving new mothers critical advice on how to take care of their baby. 20-percent of mothers polled say their physician did not share with them current recommendations on breastfeeding or the importance of having babies sleep on their backs to prevent the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. SOURCE – Pediatrics/MedDay/CBS

Young women with cancer may also be getting a lack of advice from doctors. Some types of cancer treatments can threaten the ability to have children.
But researchers in Seattle say male patients were more than twice as likely as female patients to be given fertility preservation options. SOURCE – Cancer/MedDay/CBS

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