City of Myrtle Beach plans to enforce moped laws

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – One of the top complaints among drivers in the eastern Carolinas is the number of mopeds on all kinds of roads, including major highways. Now, the City of Myrtle Beach wants to do something about it. This time, it’s not because of a spike in moped-related crashed, but rather, officials want to enforce state laws they say businesses are breaking.

In the midst of tourist season, many visitors are in town, on the beaches, and on the roads, and many of them use daily rental moped companies. While there is some flexibility to drive a moped, the state does regulate the speed limit as well as maximum moped speeds. But, City Spokesman Mark Kruea says officials realized some businesses within the city are not in compliance with state laws.

“State law says that a moped can’t have an engine that is any greater than 50cc. [It] can’t propel the moped any faster than 30 miles an hour. In fact, the speed limit for mopeds is 25 miles an hour, and if you’ve driven around town, you’ve seen mopeds going a lot faster than that [which] have the moped sticker on the back,” explains Kruea.

A 50cc engine stands for 50 cubic centimeters of displacement, which is relatively slow, but with some doctoring, mopeds can travel at much faster speeds than what is regulated by state law.

“We would require the businesses that rent the mopeds to make sure that those vehicles to meet that state law,” says Kruea. “We’re just essentially enforcing state law and not trying to circumvent state law.”

Officials are still in the process of drafting a proposal to give to Myrtle Beach City Council. Kruea says he doesn’t know exactly when it will reach council but says it will be sometime soon.

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