“Bike Week Round 2” Facebook created for possible Labor Day weekend Rally

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW)- Myrtle Beach City leaders say they’re monitoring a Facebook page that is organizing a Bike Week Round 2 for the Labor Day weekend.

The closed Facebook page has more than 1500 members and in the description says it want “to get as many people together as possible to enjoy riding, relaxing and partying.”

News13 spoke to the organizer of the page, Tyron Britton, who lives in Raleigh and Britton said the idea initially started as a small get together but grew into a larger event. Britton told News13 over the phone the event is for an older crowd than the Memorial Day Weekend Bikefest.

Myrtle Beach Police officers says its team will be prepared in anticipation of larger crowds on the Grand Strand.

“Labor Day weekend is historically another busy weekend for us because it closes out the summer time. So we were expecting a large crowd this year, so in addition to the large crowd that we’re already expecting with the anticipation of this event as well, we’ll make sure that we’re properly planned and well prepared for the event,” Lt. Joey Crosby said.

For this year’s Memorial Weekend Bikefest city leaders spent one million dollars on traffic barricades and increased security. There was also a traffic loop in place and thanks to those changes all parties involved called the event a success. It’s something local bikers don’t want to see change.

“The fact that we are working together at this point and time we do need to have some type of communication and dialogue with each other and we definitely don’t want to go backwards when we came so far going forward,” Violet Heels Lucas said.

Organizers with the Bike Week Round 2 Facebook page say the goal is to enjoy a fun weekend in Myrtle Beach with friends and that’s something city leaders say they welcome.

“It’s not about whether a bike festival is coming into town that weekend. It’s not about whether we’re planning for spring break or we’re planning for a group of families to come down for a family reunion what we want to encourage one another is this…if you’re coming to our city we welcome you we want you to come and have a good time but most importantly we want you to be safe have fun but obey our laws while you’re here,” Crosby said.

Events for the second Bike Week are scheduled for September 4- September 7.

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